Optoelectronics devices

  • ONS-6 Assault or Sniper Rifles Scope

Suitable for variety of military and law-enforcement applications. Highly performance dual usage equipment with built-in Image Intensifier Tube (IIT) has been delivered by AIM to RO Ministry of Defence. The ONS-6 sight is designed for the firing in conditions of natural night light (the source of illumination of the object is the light from the night sky).

  • BIdentifieR 100E Uncooled thermal imaging bi-ocular camera

BIdentifieR 100E, a single channel Uncooled thermal imaging bi-ocular camera designed especially for military and law enforcement personnel for prolonged observation and reconnaissance. High performance and technology equipment which has been delivered by AIM to RO Ministry of Internal Affairs, allows target detection and recognition in completely passive mode on short and mid-range distances.

  • DIANA 5x Night Vision Binocular

Designed for ground observation and reconnaissance in natural night starlight, moonlight illumination or total darkness. NV binoculars, with different Image Intensifier Tubes (IIT) varying from 2-nd+ generation to 3-rd generation, have a very high resolution and field of view and are capable of detecting low illuminated objects at distances up to 3000 m. Equipment has been delivered by AIM to RO Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Various electro-optical products and technologies

The success and safety of our customers and partners are our main purposes, and seeing our delivered equipment helps those in the line of duty is the greatest reward.

AIM-AT is committed to providing the highest quality on the market, with unbeatable quality-price level, combat-proven electro-optical products and technologies to Military and Law Enforcement users.

Night Vision and Thermal Vision optics devices have a very broad application in nocturnal animals viewing, hunting, military observation and combat, etc. It also can be used in the police, army, special forces, navy, border guards, rescue brigades, security, detective agencies, law enforcement, and so on.

Our partner’s offers are addressed not only to retail customers but also to whole sellers, companies and public institutions.

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