AIM operations are organized into  four main business lines, which in turn are made up of specific business units focused on specific industries. For most of our projects, inter-professional teams are created to share best practices and share knowledge and add value.

1. Integrating Security systems solutions and devices

AIM designs, develops and implements innovative solutions that meet the most complex security requirements according to the specific activity of each client.

AIM offers the combination of technical, procedural and human resources so that our customers   have   more   advantages:   better security, minimal losses, reduced operational costs.

The success and safety of our customers and partners are our main purposes, and seeing our delivered equipment helps those in the line of duty is the greatest reward.

AIM-AT is committed to providing the highest quality on the market, with unbeatable quality-price level, combat-proven electro-optical products and technologies to Military and Law Enforcement users.

Our turnkey security solutions are based on a complex risk analysis and threat assessment.

Deep Defense, Time Response, Balanced Protection are the main principles of security that guide our work.

2. Information technology and communications IT&C

Our engineering department offer solutions to both the private business environment and government agencies, ministries, civilian security forces, critical infrastructure operators, cities and major state-owned companies.

A continuing challenge is the involvement of AIM in satellite and tropospheric communication projects, which is possible thanks to a team of specialists, ex-military personnel in the signal field , but also in various other fields – management, software development, testing, system engineering – that offer great solutions.

As Satcom solution engineering AIM provides system design, integration, testing, installation and training for deployable and fixed satcom solutions.

Software development for satellite communication management (HUBs and VSATs)

AIM developed its own local management software for the VSAT systems and in the last quarter of 2019 will launch its first management software for VSAT networks (including HUB management).

3. Installation, support and maintenance (preventive and corrective) services

AIM personnel provide installation, troubleshooting, support and maintenance for all satcom solutions within his work facility and service unit located at Magurele City, near Bucharest.

AIM invest in the infrastructure of a reliable, efficient service facility that understands the need to quickly resolve the equipment installation and its promptly repaired, with a special program dedicated to rapid repairs that respond to the needs of a complex range of customers in various fields.

4. Consultancy and business management solutions

AIM has extensive experience in the provision of management services for projects financed from European structural and investments funds as well as National financial projects.

Elaboration of financing applications, successful implementation of projects submitted to various beneficiaries in industry and  agriculture  areas,  as  well  as assistance in identifying the most optimal solutions for financing projects for our clients are provided by the business management and consultancy line.

Trusted Partners

We expand our reach to help people and organizations connect in new ways around the globe. We enable our partners to meet increasingly complex telecommunications needs by providing real-world solutions and industry-leading technologies at the best possible price.

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We are specialised in providing a big variety of defense and industrial grade products, including integrated systems and customized software tools