Identifying competitive advantages means finding ways in which companies differentiate products and services. Being faster, better, more feature-rich and cost effective are differences that drive product strategies, R&D efforts, sales approaches and collateral materials.

Most products, especially those from the technology sector, do more than the average customer could ever use. Product manuals are inches thick. Just the number of features and functions, in some cases, make them too overwhelming to consider.

Competitive advantages are not dependent on a company’s ability to produce differentiated products and services, but how they engage and interact with their customers to become the best partner possible.

In order to gain market share and protect and grow existing customer relationships, organizations must affect a shift in perception among their prospects and customers. In other words, they must move from being perceived as an “Approved Supplier” to being viewed as a “Trusted Advisor/Partner.”

A Trusted Partner is defined by CSO as:
A company seen as a long-term partner whose contributions (products, insights, processes, etc.), are viewed as key to client’s long-term success.

AIM have become a differentiator and brought more value in interactions with our clients and partners, finding ways in which can be interpret the power of their products and services into measurable, strategic value to what they’re trying to accomplish with their businesses.

Trusted Partners

We expand our reach to help people and organizations connect in new ways around the globe. We enable our partners to meet increasingly complex telecommunications needs by providing real-world solutions and industry-leading technologies at the best possible price.

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We are specialised in providing a big variety of defense and industrial grade products, including integrated systems and customized software tools