• Transmission Systems – We provide consulting, design and implementation services for communications links over all types of media:

    • Satcom (HUB & VSAT)
    • Microwave radio relays
    • HF, VHF and UHF radio
    • Wired links
  • Voice, Data and Video Communications – We provide consulting, design and implementation services for voice, data and video communications over various technologies:

    • ATM
    • TDM
    • IP (VoIP)
    • HF, VHF, UHF radio
    • PPP
  • Special Projects – We provide consulting, design and implementation services for special projects such as:

    • Telecommunication Systems on wheeled and tracked vehicles
    • Telecommunication Systems on NATO UEO shelters and trailers
    • Dispatching systems
    • Encrypted communications
    • Lawful Interception
    • Radio spectrum monitoring
    • RF radiation level monitoring
    • Customized soft ware development
    • Customized hardware and infrastructure
    • Protocol and media conversion
    • Legacy technologies (X.25, E&M)


  • We cooperate with world leading manufacturers in order to provide high availability critical communications systems
  • Integration of worldwide deployed equipment and systems
  • Integration of subsystems previously and continuously tested for interoperability
  • Design based on scalability and customized requirements

  • Integrated management tools for continuous monitoring of human and hardware resources
  • D-CIS Overview

    • Scalable to various levels of availability
    • Integrated management tools for continuous equipment and performance monitoring
    • Independent of civilian infrastructures
    • Already integrated into army command posts and field hospital
    • Transit case, shelter or vehicular installation
  • D-CIS Implementation – Mobile Command Posts

    • Already deployed into Romanian armed forces
    • Wide band microwave links for deployed forces
    • Re-translation points
    • HF, VHF and UHF radio links for mobile units
    • Voice, data and video communications to soldier level
  • D-CIS Implementation – Satellite Communications

    • Long range, all-band satellite links
    • Automatic or manual antenna alignment
    • Full IP or TDM technologies
    • Voice, data and video communications
  • D-CIS Implementation – Field hospital (telemedicine)

    • Already integrated with the Romanian Army’s Field Hospital
    • Provide live medical support during surgeries or on-field first aid
    • Video, voice and data communications over satellite and UHF links
    • Integrated dispatching system
    • Drone fleet available for field evaluation survey

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