The VSAT system from AIM-AT is operational in Afghanistan for Romanian Armed Forces

AIM-AT is proudly announcing that our integrated VSAT system with 2.4m Sat-lite antenna, dual-band (X- & Ku-band) from Advantech Wireless, is now operational in Afghanistan combat theater with Romanian Armed Forces!

Recently, the satellite antenna of the National Support Element deployed in Afghanistan, which was more than 10 years old, underwent a complete lift, being replaced. A similar antenna was installed at the 495th Force Protection Battalion.

For the installation of the new satellite antennas, a team of specialists came from the country, from three different structures: the Communications and Informatics Command, the Joint Logistics Command and the General Staff of the Land Forces.

“For about two years this mission has been talked about. In all mission reports, when it came to maintaining the old system, it was written that an upgrade was needed. Mounting is not complicated, the software part can cause problems, if you miss frequencies, you have to do a lot of calculations … local oscillators, amplifiers, many variables intervene, but all people have experience. In addition, we tested everything in the country before we came, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Actually, we worked a month before the mission, we physically installed, and I saw that everything works, on another satellite, on a smaller flow of test. We did not take unnecessary things with us, only the strictly necessary ”, says the lieutenant engineer Ovidiu Cazan, the team leader.

Text / Photo Source: Mr. Bogdan Oproiu

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