AIM-AT conduct tests on GOVSAT1 21.5E satellite on X-band

PRESS RELEASE, Bucharest 11/22/2018

AIM-AT, a specialist in the design, development and manufacture of systems for satellite communications, today announced its 2.4m VSAT have been successfully tested on GOVSAT-1 21.5E satellite.

Together with specialists from Romanian Ministry of Defense and LuxGovSat from Luxembourg tests has being successful concluded in a Romanian Ministry of Defence location, on this occasion being verified, based on different scenarios, the capabilities and the interoperability with legacy communication equipment of the RO-MoD VSATs on X band on GovSat-1 Satellite, achieving a 45 Mbps max. throughput.

The tests were concluded using:
• 3 x VSAT 2.4m dual band (X-band, Ku-band) system 2,4 m Sat-Lite Tech antenna, 100W Advantech Wireless X-band SSPB, Swedish Microwaves X Band LNB, Comtech SLM 5650A modem with Network Processor Card in bridge mode, owned by RO-MoD;
• 2x CD 141 ATM commutation device for tactical communications equipped with 2 MIU SIP boards and EFTBCU 5.204 board (both owned by Leonardo, Italy).

AIM-AT is today the only Romanian MoD supplier for flyaway satellite VSAT terminals systems under the frame contract signed between Prime Telecom and UM02415 Bucuresti.

The latest trials showed that tests successfully passed over the satellite via Comtech’s modems, without packet loss, with a maximum throughput of 45 Mbps and the capabilities of SIP boards to interconnect legacy ATM switching equipment over IP network.


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