AIM-AT became Sales Representative and Distributor of Teledyne Paradise Datacom (UK) modem products

AIM-AT, a system integrator, specialist in the design, development and integration of satellite communication systems, announced successfully signing the Sales Representative and Distributor Agreement with Teledyne Paradise Datacom (UK), a division of Teledyne Limited, for Romania.

AIM-AT is today Romanian MoD’s trusted partener for satellite communicatons solutions (hardware solution design and VSAT providers, in field and on call support for installing ,troubleshooting and commisionng for satellite communications (based on a 3 years frame contract for VSAT terminals distribution 2017-202) , fixed and deployable microwaves network maintenance (based on a 3 years frame contract, 2020-2023).

Teledyne Paradise Datacom (UK) has an innovative portfolio of ground-based satellite communication amplifiers, modems and point to multipoint systems, supporting Star and Mesh architecture. The Teledyne Modems are flexible, software-defined modem / routers that support the most powerful bandwidth-saving technology available, which Includes DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X, unequalled for its robustness and bandwidth efficiency within the space segment. Paired Carrier+ overlays transmit and receive carriers reducing satellite bandwidth by up to 50%. The Modems support data rates in excess of 200Mbps and support fully-featured embedded IP capability (TCP acceleration, L2 bridging, L3 routing, AES 256 Encryption, traffic shaping, ACM / VCM).

The feature rich, flagship Q-series satellite Modems (QFlex-400 and Q-Lite Modems ) have successfully completed certification for use on the WGS satellite constellation (Wideband Global satcom system).
Security is one of the defining characteristics of SCPC modems and Paradise modems option is to add your own crypto devices prior to the modem on each end of a link. As either an alternative or as an addition, Paradise can provide models which offer TCP/IP packet payload encryption using symmetric AES with 256-bit keys. These models are export controlled.

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