GovSatLux and AIM-AT, Presentation session at CN Romtehnica HQ

PRESS RELEASE, Bucharest 11/21/2018

AIM-AT together with LuxGovSat SA from Luxembourg conducted today at Romtehnica HQ a presentation session of GovSat-1 X-band capabilities for the communication specialists of various structure of Romanian Ministry of Defense and Romanian Telecommunications Service who participated.
LuxGovSat S.A., a satellite operator registered in Luxembourg, is a public/private joint venture (50/50) between the Luxembourg Government and SES, the world leading satellite operator based in Luxembourg.

GovSat-1 Satellite is dedicated entirely to governmental and institutional users, and features high-powered fully-steerable spot beams, an X-band Global beam and a total of sixty-eight transponder equivalent units. It is equipped with anti-jamming features, encrypted telemetry and control, and uses assured frequencies.

Its Communications Technology adds added value in efficiently supporting critical data applications and remains the primary choice for secure and robust military communications, delivering multiple real-time capabilities at affordable cost wherever needed, while using mission missions and global missions and having the Mission Operation Center (MOC) operated by ex-military technical staff.

Satellite communications are a key component of government and military architectures, due to their strategic importance in supporting regional and worldwide operations.

AIM-IT has a close relation with LuxGovSat and quoted various satellite communication solution.

Topics of the presentation covered various subjects of today’s GovSat-1 satellite communication capabilities, including:
• introduction of LuxGovSat Company and GovSat-1 satellite (structure, operational, purposes, etc.)
• GovSat-1 capabilities and a SWOT analysis vs. a commercial satellite used today (commercial vs. governmental)
• Actual development and future of X-band frequency capabilities (why X-band?)
• The role of LuxGovSat’s Mission Operation Centre to support your communications in the field
• LuxGovSat’s Budgetary Cost level and some operational scenarios based on X- and Mil Ka-band